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INSTAMAG RIDER - Spray calmer for riders
A light mist Spray for nervous tense riders, especially good for children who are often short on thi..
Multi Pan
Commonly used in Pony Club Games but can be also used in training and for hand/eye co-ordination. Th..
Screen printed plastic coin can be used for a variety of age groups as it requires a level of dexter..
PG SPORTS BOOTS, Designed for front and hind use, great straps for extra strength, durability and ea..
Plaited Pony Club Reins with centre buckle
Black or Brown reins suitable for PC. Soft and durable, easy to wash. Will pass tack inspection..
Pony Club Bin
This is an integral part of the mounted games set as it can be used as a litter bin or a litter bin ..
Pony Club Letter Set
A set of plastic panels with screen printed letters on both sides such that "Pony Club" may be read ..
Premier Equine Sports Boots
Air-Teque Sports Boots have been a best seller here at Premier Equine for many years. Made from ou..
Quoit (pack of 5)
Rubber Quoit used in the PC game Quoits and Cone.  Sold as a pack of 5 ..
Red Rope
Quality multibraid rope sealed at each end to prevent fraying. Allow 7-10 day delivery ..
Sack (running)
Used for the sack race in pony club.  66cm wide x 115cm deep ..
Sock Ball Set
5 socks available in a set sewn at each end so they withstand the rigours of competition. Each sock ..
Stepping Stone Set of 6
These Plastic Stepping Stones are manufactured in self coloured plastics and as such they will never..
Tennis Ball (Set of 5)
Packed in 5's these are useful for training, competition or as a tool to help co-ordination. One col..
Tool Box
TOOL BOX - A tool box, used in MGA for the Tool Box race, where four hammers are placed. Hammers sol..
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