Zone Games 2019

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 Bending Pole Kit and Baton
Plastic bending pole kit and baton set.  ..
7ft Race Gibbet with 8 hooks
This the 7Ft Race Gibbet has been designed to spilt apart for easy storage, with both the cross bars..
Ball Cone
These cones have been adapted to provide the correct total height and an apperture at the top for ba..
Bending Baton (single)
The missing link in the bending race and speed weavers, plastic 30cm long, 3cm diameter as per the I..
Bending Pole Training Kit and Baton
New style ROUND plastic bending pole kit. The key equipment for any games rider.  Lightweigh..
Approved for race competitions this bottle has a shaped neck for easy handling, white only. Allow..
A bucket used in the famous sock race, also used for Windsor Castle, Carton race, Litter Race the bu..
Flag (single)
The full article! This comprises of a cotton flag with ties and a flag stick made of plastic. The st..
Flag Cone
These cones have been prepared so that they meet the specifications of the Flag race. Allow 7-10 ..
Flag Race Kit
The Flag Race kit is the first choice of any serious mounted games competitor as it is used in ..
Four Cone Holder
These items can be used together or separately as training aids. For example the Ice Cream Cone may ..
Hat Band Black or  White
Used to indicate the last team member, this is an elasticated white nylon band with Velcro to fit a ..
INSTAMAG - Spray Calmer for Ponies
Handy sized must haves! InstaMag for instant calming magnesium magic. Spray on mist for the qu..
INSTAMAG Comforter - Spray comfort for joints and muscles in ponies
Supporting comfort and mobility to muscles, backs, joints, hamstrings and strains in your pony. D..
INSTAMAG Magne-Ease - Pain relief for riders
Magnesium is an essential element for a healthy body and is used in over 300 reactions on a daily ba..
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